Monday, September 7, 2009

here we go again... primary quotes

I did think we would have a slow week as far as quotes go because Brad our usually funny one wasn't there- we were very mistaken.

Last week:

Brad (to Josh): I see you've been working on your mustache

Kohl: (to Josh): you need to shave

This week:
Kohl: You've got quite a beard going there. You really need to shave.
Josh: Why can't I have a beard?
Kohl: I don't want you to look like Santa Clause

Primary Chorister: We are supposed to build our house on what?
Garret: A hill!

Kohl: Am I like the shortest here? I feel so short. (He was sitting in a little chair next to Josh in a big chair)

Me: You're hair is so nice, why is that?
Brennan: My shampoo
Me: What kind do you use?
Brennan: The red kind

Kohl: My dad can turn his eyes red. He takes his top eye socket and folds it up, and he takes his other eye socket and folds it down.

Kohl: You're a girl.
Josh: Why?
Kohl: You wear contacts
Josh: Boys can't wear contacts?
Kohl: It's werid

We were telling a story that took place in England during WWII.
Garrett: What war? Idaho vs England?
Me: No, England vs Germany
Garrett: Oh, I've heard this story
Kohl: Who won?

Kohl: I saw the Easter bunny. We were coming back from Wendy's and we saw a rabbit on the Lewis's lawn. But it didn't have a basket. It probably poops the eggs out.

Josh (showing a picture of Jesus with the Nephites): Who is Jesus praying with?
Garrett (maybe Kohl): His slaves?
Eden: I don't think he had any slaves

Me: Kohl, you have a little hair stuck up in the back of your head.
Kohl: Well yeah- it's called a chicken tail

We think Kohl had football on his mind.
Kohl: Do you go to high school or college?
Josh: College
Kohl: College! College football!
Taya: You'd be good at basketball, you are so tall.

Josh: Do you know what humble means?
Kohl: fumble?

And I wish I could put exactly how Garrett says this but it's come up a few weeks in a row.
Garrett (to Josh in singing time): Can I sing like Oprah?
Josh: How's that?
Garrett: ahhhhhahhhh (in high falsetto voice)

Me: Some people talk quiet and some people talk loud
Garrett: some people talk like Oprah
Me: how's that
Garrett: ahh ahh ahh (in same falsetto voice)

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  1. I think you should secretly take a tape recorder to class and sell it. I'd buy it. Jason just got called to the primary (sh it's not official till Sunday). Not me. Dang.


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