Sunday, September 13, 2009

What did you learn in Primary today?

This is Josh writing this week, just so everyone knows. :)
Okay, so it is kinda sad that most of our posts are about our primary kids, but that very well may be the most interesting part of our lives.
We have started school again, and things are going pretty well (except for the many varied complaints we have against BYU-Idaho). We are just getting into it, so we hope things keep going well there.
Today, there were more crazy quotes from our primary kids, so I just thought we'd share them now:

(Homecoming was last Friday...)
Emily: Did you go to the game, Brad?
Brad: I went. I was the smallest on the team. I scored the first point, then at the end of the game I got shy and started making wimpy catches and wimpy throws, and so my coach told me to give up. But we still won. The winning team won $100 gift certificate to McDonalds and 20 points, but instead of $100 gift certificate, I got a free burger for a year. I like the three meat and three cheese burgers. They put extra protein sauce on those burgers. You know the bubbles that come up when you squeeze burgers? That's protein sauce. It is 30% sugar and 30% good for you. I wish we could have lunch here and I would bring one to eat.
(whoa... now that's a story)

Emily: I like your tie.
Brad: It has two colors I'm wearing.
Emily: Grey and black?
Brad: No, it's silver!

Emily: Is your mom a teacher?
Brad: She was my teacher when I was in 6th grad at South Fork Elementary.
(He hasn't ever been in 6th grade :P)

Brad: Do you know Heise? I saw my dentist there one night... hahaha

Kohl: Are those real band-aids?
Kohl's mom: Yes they are
Kohl: Gross!
Kohl's mom: They aren't used...
Kohl: oh...

Kohl: You really need to shave, I'm not kidding.
(I turn to him) Me: really?
Kohl: You DID shave!

Me: What can you do with money?
Garrett: You can buy diapers!
Brad: Corn Dogs, Diapers, and fairy princess outfits!
Kohl: Did you get that from Spongebob?
Brad: No, I made it up myself.

Me: How can we prepare to go to the temple?
Garrett: Don't drink
Me: Yep, don't drink alcohol, but you can drink water.
Brad: But don't drink from the baptismal font!

Kohl: Are you married?
Emily: Yes
Kohl: To who?
Emily: Guess who
Kohl: I don't know...
Me: We are married, Emily is my wife
Kohl: You two look alike. I thought you were brother and sister. But you don't have any kids yet.
Me: Nope, not yet
Brad: People have kids when they are 31


  1. Jason totally has that calling now (not me). Sunday I asked if they said anything funny. Nothing. I've got high hopes for them, but maybe they just aren't as halarious as yours.

    Only two more days.

  2. Well they all feed off Brad and he has some mental issues so I think that may be the start of it all.


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