Sunday, September 27, 2009

Oh, come with me to primary

I'm sorry most of these quotes when I started blogging them had to do with the lesson and such. Now a lot of it is just silly random stuff. Apparently after the kids start to get to know you- and you them- they get a lot sillier. There are also a lot this week because a few are from last week and because for some reason our class was pretty hyper today.

Brad: I know a difficult way to remove toe jame. Stuff cotton under your toenails.

I look over at Brad and he's talking quietly to himself, this is what I hear: ...and they got separated slowly into space...

We told a story about a girl that was helping her dad to clean the church
Garrett: then there was a ninja inside and he sliced (runs hand across throat)

This was Brad's story of the day- he kept it going all through primary
Brad: I'm late because I am the new person in charge of how the whole church works, I checked the stage, it works.
After a trip to the bathroom with Josh (he can't go alone anymore because he has a tendency to just run around the church)
Brad: That's weird, the bishop didn't tell me to check the big electric box outside the girls bathroom.
While outside for part of the lesson
Brad: Once when the electricity went off I had to go switch the breaker over there in that big box, it was part of my job.

Kohl: I can't stand up, I'm going to faint
Brennan: Yeah, my eyes are all red.
Kohl: I can't raise my arms, they'll fall off.

Brad: When air comes out of your eyelid, it hurts.

Brad: I know how to keep him quiet, plug his nose and cover his mouth. (I think Josh declined this suggestion)

Me: If you can't keep your hand quiet you have to sit on them.
Kohl: This kind of feels good
Garrett: It makes my hands hot
Brad: That's your body heat
Brennan: What's body heat?
Brad: you know when you sit on a chair without a chair warmer and then it warms up?
Brennan: like a pillow?
Me: If you touch Kohl you'll feel his skin is warm, that's body heat.
Kohl tries to lick Brennan
Brennan: I hate it when he does that.
Brad: It's probably not warm where he licked... also if you slap your face it feels warmer.
Then we have a class full of kids slapping their faces. At least they were all slapping their own. Also the girls were just sitting through this whole conversation, looking at the boys like they were crazy.

Me: Who remembers what we talked about last week?
Kohl: I wish I had a paper with what we talk about and then I would stuff it in my head.

We went outside to act out the story of the good Samaritan and as soon as we went outside, Kohl picked up a leaf at put it in his mouth, after chewing it for a minute he spit it out and got another one.
Josh: He put the injured man on his own donkey.
Brad: It's my horse, not a donkey.
Kohl: Who's even seen a donkey?
Taya: I have

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  1. I just realized that pretty much all this halarious stuff is said by the boys (except that one by the one gal). I hope Levi's that funny.


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