Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentines Day and our silly church class

So did you know that Valentine's Day was named after a priest named Valentine, who continued to perform marriage ceremonies after the ruler of the country banned marriages because men were too committed to their wives wouldn't voluntarily join his army. Valentine was put to death for performing weddings on February 14th.

There is a little history for you that I got out of the tidbits newspaper Josh and I looked at while at dinner Valentine's Day (well actually the day before, because Valentine's day was Sunday). Valentines Day is a time of celebrating love so I just thought I would mention how much I love my husband. I love Josh so so so so so so so much (pretend there are like a zillion more so so sos in there).

Anyway- we had a good weekend. Saturday took a birthing class and took a tour of the hospital- I'm getting really excited for our baby to join us. I think we are going to have such a busy time coming up, but it will be really fun.

At the new year the class at church we teach got changed and we have a new class (11 boys and 1 girl) ages 7-8. They sure are a handful, but it's fun getting to know new kids and there personalities. I don't have quotes from them per say but there have been a few funny things.

There are a few boys in the class that seem really out of it- like no idea what is going on at all most of the time. It's ok though because they are quiet and usually don't distract the other kids, they just sit there. We were talking about birthdays and we said a birthday of someone in the class and they had to guess whose it was and not say if it was their own. We said one and one of these out of it kids raised his hand and asked if it was his... it wasn't his, apparently he doesn't know when his birthday is. We asked and all he could tell us was that his mom was going to have a baby sometime in the summer. This same boy when asked if there were any vistors claimed he was from Japan in effort to be silly- the boy next to him (who is from England) started talking to him and he got so excited "hey this kid really is from another country... he's not even kidding!"

We also have a couple boys that come to church complete with the cowboy boots and accents. When asked something that Jesus gave them that made them happy one boy said "bicuits and gravy." Not what I would have first put my mind to, but I like biscuits and gravy too.

In class yesterday we were talking about babies and we asked how you get ready to have a baby come to your family. Some of the answers we got were "paint the walls" "buy lots of things" and the best "you feed it- by eating." We asked if they think that their moms got excited when the kids in our class were born. Here were some of the answers "no, because babies kick you and it hurts" "my mom was suprised when I was born" "my parents were unhappy when I was born because I was shaped like a football" and "well, my parents were excited, but my brother wasn't, he tried to throw me away." Oh the perspective of 7 year old boys.

A couple weeks ago one of the boys asked if I was going to have a baby and if I was going to bring it to class. I said yes, I was having a baby, and yes, I would probably bring it to class. He got all excited and the boys next to him turned and said "what, you think she's actually going to let you play with her baby?"

The whole class is set that it will be a boy (although we don't know and won't be finding out before it's born) they are sure that it has to be a boy because boys are better. They also suggested the names Freddie and Landon. Landon caught on with the rest of the class and although we told them we probably would not name our baby Landon (we won't be) they kept talking about it the whole class. So I guess if you ask them, their teacher is having a baby boy named Landon. If you ask me, I would say that is not true.

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