Monday, March 1, 2010

some happenings

So it was recently Josh's birthday. He turned 23. I hope he had a good day- here he is with some of his gifts. We also went out to eat at Red Robin and had the most delicious Reese's Cake that I got from my cousin Kendra's blog
This I meant to post last week, but never got around to uploading the picture to go with it. Last week at church I got so many comments about my baby. At least two of them were "you're finally showing" Yes, I am bigger- but I kind of thought I've been showing for awhile. I think it must be because I teach the 8 year olds so lots of the women at church don't really see much of me. But anyway- down to a month left. I am getting pretty excited.
This picture and the one below are just some silliness I forgot we had taken pictures of. I saw them as I was getting the other pics for this post and I liked them.

This was part of my Valentine's day thing I did for Josh but I just wanted to put the picture because it is a super good picture of him.

Also, new in our lives. We bought a car! It worked great... the day we bought it. Two days later we tried to start it and it wouldn't start. It sat in front of our house for a week because we didn't know what to do and after looking at some things his dad cleaned the spark plugs up and now it works again. We got it registered today and so I think we are good to go now. We are pretty excited, it has more backseat room (carseat room) than our other car but is still a little car. It doesn't have very many miles on it and seems like it will be a good car. Some day I'll have a picture of it, maybe.

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  1. Hope it was a fun b-day! I love the pic of you all preggers, looking good. I can't wait to meet your little man or woman.


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