Monday, December 12, 2011

Arizona Trip

It's been so long since I posted- I am sorry, I just have been really busy. But in early November Sophie and I flew down to Arizona and met up with my dad to visit my grandpa. It was such a fun trip, I am so glad that we got the chance to go and that my dad was available to meet up with us.
Sophie liked to sit on the pouch with her grandpa and her great-grandpa to play with the two dogs. She loves dogs and it not scared at all. (I didn't get many pictures because I can't say the same about me and dogs).
We went to visit Tombstone, AZ and had a good time visiting the shops there. Soph was a good sport with all the driving we did.
My grandpa's wife is such a wonderful cook- they had so much good food for us.

Both my grandpa and his wife are wonderful at sewing (my grandpa has made us a couple of beautiful quilts) and when they heard I had been doing a little bit of sewing they decided that they would show me some tricks. We ended up making all these little shirts for her. The blue with the ballerinas are a set of pjs for her. Thank you grandpa for letting us come visit- we had a great time :)

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