Saturday, December 31, 2011

Salt Lake Lights

The weekend before Christmas we went to go see the lights in Temple Square in Salt Lake, it worked out great because it was the same time my brother was headed down to the airport to go home. We went down on Friday and went down to the square.

We didn't stay super long because it was getting pretty cold, but it was so good to get the chance to go, it had been a long time since I had been down there.
(I like this picture, even if the statue is cut off)

After the lights we stopped in Lehi at Porter's Place for dinner- it is a super fun hole in the wall place that serves non-alcholic mixed drinks that are called things like Rattlesnake Venom and The Lost Dutchman. It was my first time eating a whole meal there, usually we just order drinks and scones.
We stayed the night with my aunt and uncle in Orem and Saturday we went to IKEA before dropping Seth off at the airport. It was such a fun trip, I loved every minute of it. We were so lucky that the weather was so good for us to go this year.

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