Wednesday, February 15, 2012

PBS- you have redeemed yourself

I am sorry my blogging is getting a bit more random and not just as much about our family happenings, it is partially because nothing really ever happens to us.

PBS- public broadcasting, of course we watched it as kids but after 5pm when the adult programing came on it was always shut right off. I remember my dad would occasionally watch something like these

but really PBS wasn't often watched. Honestly though- two shows have redeemed PBS. I love both so much. They actually are British shows that air on PBS. We don't get TV so we have to wait for the DVDs or find them online but it makes me wonder if I am missing more by not even getting the basic PBS station.

Sherlock- it's a modern day Sherlock Holmes. Josh and I have been reading the Sherlock Holmes books and this show captures the characters so well. When I read the books I picture them as from this series. It's a puzzle which Josh loves and they are put together like little movies that play out so well. We had the DVD and we watched them and all the special features because we were so interested. (It's actually why I started reading the books)

Downton Abbey- A friend recommended this to me and lent me the first season. I was so interested in what happened next I watched most of the second season on the PBS Masterpiece website. Josh didn't watch it with me but knows whats going on because I am so keen to talk about it. It is a historical drama that takes place in the early 1900s in a manor house in England. It follows both the aristocratic family as well as their servants. Josh asked me once if it was likeable characters or good story or what that was so good, it really is everything.

I am anxiously waiting for the next season of both of these shows. Thank you PBS.

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