Friday, February 10, 2012

working out

I want to like running, I really do. I want to feel like I am getting something out of it, I want to have the motivation to keep doing it until I am good at it. I want to work towards running longer and longer distances not working towards running at all.

I have for so long said "I am not a runner" and left it at that. I work out in other ways, I go to zumba classes twice a week, I walk with friends at the mall. But really I want to run.

I have a friend who invited me to come any night of the week with her to the little workout room at her apartment complex. She said she was working up to a 5K and I decided I would try again to like running. I started a couch to 5K training program and while I like to think I am in better shape than the average couch potato week one down and it felt good. I think I can do this.

Now I just need a run to work towards.

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