Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Sophie Starts Preschool

We debated a lot about putting Sophie in preschool. Mostly because of the cost, it seemed crazy to pay to send Sophie to school when she doesn't need it scholastically. She knows her letters and numbers, she can read simple words. I mean, we weren't worried about her going into Kindergarten with the knowledge she has now, but we figured socially it wouldn't hurt. So when a friend recommended a preschool to us, we went for it. 

The hard part is that school started about a week and a half after Eric was born. I wasn't sure how Sophie would react to both big changes at once but she handled it pretty well. She had a couple of nervous mornings but now goes happily. 

I tried to take pics of her, I failed to get a good one. 

Josh to the rescue, we did end up with a few good ones. 

On her first day of school I interviewed Sophie. A few things about her; when she grows up she wants to be a babysitter. She likes to read Look and Find books. Her favorite colors are pink, yellow, and orange.

I asked her if she could have one wish what it would be. She said to have three boys in our family, not just two. So I guess she likes Eric.

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