Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Small World, Bigger: the long and short of Eric's birth

The Short Story
Monday, August 18th, at 1:16 pm our son Eric was born.

The Long Story
My due date for this baby was August 23 but for ages my doctors have been saying "don't plan on making it to your due date," or "I think this baby is ready anytime." At least it has seemed like ages. Every week at my appointment I was dilated a little more. Last Friday (the 15th) I went in and was dilated to a 4, we set an induction date for Tuesday the 19th. 

Tuesday... Tuesday was good. I like having a plan. I was induced with Sophie so I know the drill. We made a count down with Sophie. Saturday for dad to be home, Sunday for church, Monday for getting ready for baby, and Tuesday for baby day. 

Saturday went according to plan. We took Sophie to the artitorium, which is like an art themed Children's Museum, we went to the mall, we rented a movie. 

Sunday went according to plan. We went to church and then to Josh's parents for dinner. We stayed up late.

Monday did not go according to plan. I woke up at 3:45 in the morning hurting. We had had false alarms before and so I really didn't think too much of it. I took a bath, I read a book. Feeling fine except for every few mins having to stop what I was doing to breathe. 

I woke up Josh, we sat around a bit, timing things. We ate breakfast. Finally, we got Sophie up and headed towards the hospital. I called my grandma who was going to watch Sophie and we dropped Sophie off there about 8am. 
I don't think she minded her plan being messed up. 

At the hospital I must have seemed in pain because they didn't take me to an exam room to check me, they just admitted me. It was good they did because I was dilated to a 7. Things started happening really fast all of a sudden. I was group b strep positive and needed four hours of meds before having the baby. Two would be ok they said but if I didn't get four they would have to keep baby and me longer at the hospital for observations after. So of course I wanted four hours on it. 

One nurse started getting me the meds for that, another asked if I wanted an epidural because they anesthesiologist was on the floor and so now would be a good time. Yes, I wanted one. But I had to have a liter of water in me first. So someone hooked me up to an IV and started pumping water in me. Another nurse asked questions and had Josh and I sign some papers.

Within 40 mins of getting to the hospital I had my meds going, a liter of water pumped in me, and epidural and everything set. So Josh and I just waited, watching the clock for our four hours. I slept when I was having Sophie but everything had been too crazy and I was too excited to sleep.  

For fear of breaking my water they didn't check me until the time was up. But once they did things got crazy again. All of a sudden there were nurses and the doctor and I was pushing. It didn't take me long (like four contractions I think) and then my little guy was here. 

His timing was perfect. At 1:16 pm, about a half hour after I finished the meds I needed he was here. Everything else was perfect as well. His lungs worked, ie- he screamed a lot, his fingers and toes and eyes and ears, were all perfect. 

We just amazed at him for a while. After Sophie was born craziness happened, so it was amazing to just sit and hold our baby. 

A few hours after Sophie came and visited her brother. 

In awe

although she wasn't so sure about holding him herself

While Josh was taking Sophie back to grandma's house I turned on the TV, we watched some Boy Meets World reruns. Laughing at the boy named Eric just after we settled on that being Eric's name. 

Eric scared us that first night. He hadn't eaten all day, since he was first born, and then we couldn't get him to wake up to eat. They tested his blood sugar and it was low, likely because he hadn't eaten all day, which would also explain his lethargy. Josh and I spent the better part of an hour trying to keep him awake enough to eat. Once he did though he seemed better and we haven't had a similar problem since. 

We stayed one night, enjoyed our next morning then packed him up to go home. Sophie had picked his outfit to wear home. Way back when we first found out it was a boy, Sophie and I went to Walmart and picked it. 

It had blue clouds and a lion driving an airplane on it. 

We were home the evening the day after I had him. Josh and Sophie went to a church party and Eric and I just hung out. I love everything about him. My small world of Josh and Sophie just got a little bigger and I couldn't be happier.

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  1. Congrats! He is a cutie and I'm glad everything ended up going so well. I like the name too. ;-)


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