Friday, January 1, 2010

New Years!

Happy 2010!

I hope you had a good 2009- we did. Our year in review seems pretty short. We went to school, did our internships, found out we were pregnant, and went to school some more. That's the basics anyway. It was a good year. I love being married to such a good man and it seems so weird it has been over a year already. It also seems weird that, as of tomorrow, it is 2/3 of the way until our baby comes.

This year coming up seems like it will bring lots of changes for us. Our baby is due in three months- April 2. The week after that Josh will graduate. With that comes a lot of decisions about what we will do or where we will go from there. I will graduate in July.

I'm excited about what this year will bring though- I know that everything will work out just the right way.

So again- Happy New Year!

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