Thursday, January 7, 2010

the best is yet to be

I am a big worrier- sometimes one little thing will get me worrying every time my mind has a spare moment. I've defiantly had plenty of things to worry about lately, and they aren't even really big things. For example, one worry that has been on my mind a lot since school started this week is one of the classes I need to take next semester they may not be teaching online anymore- which was the way I was planning on doing all my classes next semester.

On Monday night Josh and I read an article from the Ensign "The best is yet to be" by Jeffery R. Holland. It was about not looking behind us and holding on to the past It also talked about having faith in the future. Having faith that Heavenly Father will make the things to come better than the things that have passed.

So I was thinking about those things today and I realized that by letting myself be overcome with worry I am not practicing faith. Faith that the Lord is guiding our life to the best that it can be. If I have to take a class on campus than that answers some other questions Josh and have been thinking over.

If I just do the best I can to make correct decisions and right choices the things that need to work out will and the other things will just lead to other paths. Those paths will lead to the greatest happiness, because if we trust Heavenly Father, the best is yet to be.

So I'm going to work on practicing faith in the hand that is guiding my future... and really try and remember that the best is yet to be.


  1. Don't tell me worrying doesn't help!
    The things I worry about never happen!

  2. Will you e-mail me your shipping address and e-mail address so I can pass that along to the sponsor to get the FHE book you won on Divine Diva Media?

    Just e-mail me at jill(at)

  3. Thank you for writing this about faith. I have been working on mine, doing lots of prayer and discussions with Heavenly Father about it. You really got to the heart of what I have been working on. thank you.


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