Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I never can think of a creative title

For Mothers Day we tried to take some family pictures... Sophie was in a very bad mood so we didn't really get any great ones, but thanks to his sister for coming down and taking them for us. I would like to be able to get professional ones done (maybe by Courtney while we are in Oregon) but I'll have to see. On the topic of Oregon. We are going to be there from the 3-8 of June. We'll be at my parents house, obviously. We don't have any plans really set yet so if you want to see us just call my cell or my parents house when we are there to see if we are around.

Also, on another note. Sophie slept pretty much all night last night, 11-6:30. It was super nice. She wasn't even too upset when she woke up. I mean 6:30 isn't my favorite but 7 and a half hours is nice whenever it happens to be.

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  1. Cute little family Emily! I love your coordinating colors. Very cute!


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