Tuesday, May 18, 2010

little things

I was reading through a blog I kept before I got married and I found this from a couple years ago
sometimes I think we need to stop waiting for life to begin and just enjoy life and enjoy the moments. The ice cream when it's freezing, the friend who calls to say I was bored and you were the first person I thought of, the hyper laughing late at night, sitting on a swing in the snow listening to Jack Johnson. This is life. Life is not, when I get married, when I graduate, when something happens to me, because life is happening all the time it doesn't stop your just missing it. Your waiting for life to happen to you, but oh life is happening- feel it, breathe it, live it! Life is in the small things, nothing big can ever happen without the little things. And besides the little things are what can make and leave a smile on your face.
so here are my little things lately-
sitting in the sunshine so warm it makes me sweat
holding hands with my husband while we walk
the perfect song on the radio
the windows rolled down in the car
my daughter curled up on me, smiling
watching my husband with Sophie
capris and flip flops
dancing around the house
phone calls with my sister and emails from my dad
cute little girl clothes

today I've been feeling tired just thinking of everything I'm trying to keep up with right now, our lives are so crazy but I need to remember to just enjoy the little moments that make life. I can't live life when things calm down because they probably never will.


  1. You are a very wise woman!

  2. So so true! If there is something you really want to do or enjoy make time for it. Life is always busy.


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