Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Christmas at Home and New Years

So the day after Christmas Josh came home so he could work- Sophie and I stayed a few days longer. On the 30th we headed home- we flew into Salt Lake and then caught a shuttle to come home. We got home at 2 in the morning new years eve. Sophie traveled well, as usual. After some glorious sleep we woke and had our Christmas with all the gifts we had left here.

Sophie enjoyed the walker that she got and Josh and I got pillows! I know that may not seem that wonderful but for us it was- we haven't ever had new pillows we were still sleeping on the ones we took from our parents houses when we left for college.

After our Christmas we went to Carsten's Bakery in Idaho Falls for a treat and then for new years went to Josh's brother's house and played games. Then New Years day we just hung out- nice and relaxing. I hated when Monday came and we were back to reality.

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  1. arlo has that same walker and he LOVED it. it was so easy for him to maneuver around.


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