Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Christmas Morning

I know I am so behind with this- but here we go. Christmas at my parents house is typically not a quick affair- this year even more so. But it's good, I like it that way. Both Josh and my sister's new husband reacted the same way when we told them that we used to have to wait about a half hour between gifts to open the next one. They were appalled, but I liked it that way because then we got to open presents all day long. It also became a tradition in our house to wake up and do a service for someone before we even saw what Santa brought. I also loved this, it gives a whole different meaning to the day.
Anyway, this year we got up and did our service (we went and cleaned Krista and Ragan's apartment because they were still on their honeymoon and had very nicely let us stay there while they were gone) and we came home and had some breakfast. After that, we went to check out the stocking situation. (Except Sophie was already down for a nap so she had hers later)

Then Krista called and asked if we could wait to do gifts until they got there- so we didn't even start on our gifts until after 1pm. But that's ok- we hung out with my brother and parents and eventually Sophie did get up to see what Santa had brought her. She had fun with it.
She definitely enjoyed the presents that came in bags better because they were easier to get out. We had a nice day- I got a sewing machine from Josh (yay!) and I gave tickets to see Le Mis this summer to Josh. We also got some gift cards to go out to eat (which is one of my favorite things to do), so I'm excited about that too.

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