Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Krista's wedding and Christmas present

For starters- this is the cute dress Sophie got to have for Krista's wedding- I am so in love with it and the headband. The whole bit.

Before Krista got married I thought long and hard about what to give her. I wanted it to be something personal but also something she would use. (She hasn't always appreciated past thoughtful, but not useful gifts.) So then I began to think about gifts I really liked getting when I got married and one thing I enjoyed was when I got gift cards to go out to eat. So I decided to make her and Ragan a date book- 52 date ideas. It was a big project but I enjoyed doing it. I came up with some fun things, such as, I gave them directions to a small town about 30 mins away in each direction but did not tell them the destination, then when they get there they are supposed to find a place to eat that isn't a chain restaurant and spend some time seeing the town. There is also a garage sale scavenger hunt and romantic versions of scrabble and twister. At the end I had a few gift cards of places to eat that are near their house.


  1. I am telling you, you could market this!!!
    I would buy one!!!

  2. Your book turned out so good Emily! What a great present for Krista and Ragan. Seriously though, you should totally make a digital version for a few different places - they would sell like crazy!!

  3. I'm pretty sure she liked it- Leisha and Andrea, I'm really considering but I want to do it more digital but Josh's laptop doesn't have photoshop (although we own it) and we are working on getting a desktop so then I can put it together.

  4. Em: This is brilliant!! What a great idea! I'm with everyone else...you could market this!


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